Karachi Kings Team Squad 2023 [Karachi Kings Player List]

Here we upload the updated team squad of Karachi Kings 2023. You can also Download the player list in HD quality Picture. This time in the season, 8 Karachi kings finalized team squad for Pakistan Super League 2023. Karachi Kings is a tweenty20 cricket team of Pakistan Super League. It represents the Karachi city. Home Ground is National Stadium Karachi.

The Team is lead by most experienced Captain, Coaches, and management. In this PSL 8, Karachi Kings Squad Finalized and they announced the final player list. Imad Wasim Is picked as a caption as he is also cation of Karachi kings in PSL4.

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PSL 8 Karachi Kings Squad 2023 today PSL 8 Match

Karachi Kings team players picked and finalized for PSL 8. Here we share all players with their profiles.  Maximum chances for Karachi Kings to win PSL 8. They had stronger batting order and bowling spell. Karachi Kings Squad 2023 is a perfect combination of Player. team of Karachi Kings consists of 21 players including 7 foreign players. In PSL 2023. Karachi kings had 7 top batsmen and 5 bowlers.

Karachi Kings Team Changes for PSL 2023

Karachi Kings Final Player list is here. Before viewing the complete players’ list take a look at the team changes of Karachi kings Squad. In this Karachi Kings Squad, 6 foreign players will perform at Pakistani home grounds. Scroll down to find a Foreign player list.

Karachi Kings Squad PSL 8 Fixtures

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Karachi Kings Retained 7 players as they will participate again in this PSL 8. Scroll down to view the full retained player list of Karachi Kings Squad.

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Coach of Karachi Kings

Dean Jones assigned as a head coach of Karachi Kings. He played test and ODI’s for Australia. He had an excellent record in test and one-day international cricket and remembered for best fielding and batting in ODI’s. Faisal Iqbal assigned as a batting coach and Mohammad Masroor assigned as a fielding coach.

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Owner Of Karachi Kings

Salman Iqbal is the owner of Karachi Kings. He is a Pakistani Media Businessman. After the death of Abdul Razak Yaqoob in 2014, he becomes CEO of the ARY media group. Abdul Razak Yaqoob was the owner of ARY Media Group.

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Caption Of Karachi Kings

Imad Wasim assigned as a caption of Karachi Kings for PSL 8. He is a left-hand batsman and left-arm bowler. Imad Wasim played in under 19 cricket world cup 2006 for the national team. He played first-class cricket, A-class cricket, and Twenty20 cricket in Pakistan. Sahibzada Farhan is the vice-caption of Karachi Kings.

Retained Players of Karachi Kings 2023

Karachi Kings Squad consists of 18 players including 7 foreign players and 7 retained players. On 1st December 2022 Karachi Kings final their Retained players list. these all 7 retained players are from Pakistan. Here we discs these players’ progress records in detail.

Here is the Retained player’s name of Karachi Kings Squad.

  • Iftikhar Ahmed (Pakistan, Diamond)
  • Amir Yamin (Pakistan, Gold)
  • Usama Amir (Pakistan, Silver)
  • Babar Azam (Pakistan, Platinum)
  • Muhammad Amir (Pakistan, Platinum)
  • Imad Wasim (Pakistan, Diamond)
  • Umer Khan (Pakistan, Emerging)

This is the final retained players list of Karachi Kings. These 7 players are retained by Karachi King for PSL 2023

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Foreign Players Of Karachi Kings Squad

PSL draft 2023 Karachi Kings bought 7 foreign players. These players are the key players of the Karachi Kings Squad. Here we discuss these foreign players in detail. Each player PSL progress records and Updated profile is here.

Before discuss on their profiles take a look at foreign players list.

  • Alex Hales (England)
  • Chris Jordan (England)
  • Cameron Delort (South Africa)
  • Dan Lawrence (England)
  • Ali Khan (United State)
  • Liam Plunkett (England)

This is the final foreign player list of Karachi Kings. These six names were finalized for PSL 2023. For a further update and foreign players PSL progress scroll down.

PSL Progress Records Of Foreign Players

PSL 2023 is going to start in February 2023. Foreign Players are the part of PSL from the start of PSL and had a PSL progress profile. Some New names also appear in This PSL season five. We will also discuss these players in detail.

Here are the foreign players of  Karachi Kings Squad

Alex Hales:

Alex Hales is an English cricketer and played for the England International team. He is a right-handed batsman and his role in the team is as a batsman.

From 208 to 2019 he was in Islamabad United Squad. Now in PSL draft 2023, he was bought by KarachiKings.

Chris Jordan:

Chris Jorden is an English cricketer and played for the England International team. He is a right-arm fast-medium bowler and his role in the team is as a bowler.

From 2017 to 2019 he was in Peshawar Zalmi Squad. Now in this PSL draft 2023 he was bought by Karachi kings.

Cameron Delort:

Cameron Delort is a South African cricketer and played for the South Africa international team. He is a left-handed batsman and his main role in the team is as a batsman.

2016 to 2018 he was the part of Lahore Qalandars Squad and after this, in 2019 he was in Islamabad United Squad. Now in this PSL draft 2023, he was bought by Karachi Kings.

Dan Lawrence:

Dan is an English cricketer and played for the England International team. He is a right-handed batsman. His full name is Daniel William Lawrence.

He is 22 years old young player and for the first time comes to perform in this PSL 2023. He was bought by Karachi Kings for PSL 8.

Ali Khan:

is an American cricketer. In 208 the International Cricket Council (ICC) named Ali Khan as a star in men’s cricket and in February 2019 he was named in the United States (Twenty20 International squad).

He is a right-arm fast-medium bowler. His full name is Muhammad Ahsan Ali Khan and he is from Attock, Punjab, Pakistan. He Joins PSL for the first time in this PSL 8 and bought by Karachi Kings.

Liam Plunkett:

Liam Plunkett is an English cricketer and played for the England International team. He is a right-arm fast bowler and his role in the team is as a bowler.

In this PSL draft first time, he was bought by Karachi Kings and he is in the Supplementary category player.

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For the complete player list off Karachi kings Please scroll down the page and you will find the complete players list.

Karachi Kings PSL Draft 2023

Karachi Kings team encloses a total of 18 players including 6 foreign players. In the 6th edition of PSL, Karachi Kings become a most strong team on the behalf of their batting order, their top-order batsman and bowling spell. This Squad of KK consist of

7 Top Batsman
5 Top Bowlers
6 Best all-rounders

Here is the complete batsmen list with player’s profiles.

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Karachi Kings Team Players

The final player list of Karachi Kings is here. You can download this list in PDF format and share this list with your friends and family members.

Here is the final list with player details.

  1. Imad Wasim (Pakistan, Diamond Category)
  2. Babar Azam (Pakistan, Platinum Category)
  3. Iftikhar Ahmed (Pakistan, Diamond Category)
  4. Mohammad Amir (Pakistan, Platinum Category)
  5. Aamer Yamin (Pakistan, Gold Category)
  6. Usama Mir (Pakistan, Silver Category)
  7. Umer Khan (Pakistan, Emerging Category)
  8. Alex Hales (England, Platinum Category)
  9. Chris Jordan (England, Diamond Category)
  10. Sharjeel Khan (Pakistan, Gold Category)
  11. Cameron Delport (South Africa, Silver Category)
  12. Ali Khan (United State, Silver category)
  13. Zahid Mahmood (Pakistan, Silver Category)
  14. Dan Lawrence (England, Silver category)
  15. Mohammad Rizwan (Pakistan, Silver Category)
  16. Umaid Asif (Pakistan, Silver Category)
  17. Liam Plunkett (England, Supplementary Category)
  18. Awais Zia (Pakistan,  Supplementary Category)
  19. Arshad Iqbal (Pakistan, Emerging category)

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This is the final player list of Karachi Kings. team batting order and bowling spell will be share here. Visit CricGate to get the latest updates.

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