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Did you watch the last match of the IPL?  Oh, it sounds good. Now, are You looking for an updated IPL 2023 Points Table? okay! We are here to help IPL fans. Here we provide you with the most frequently updated IPL Points Table.

What is the Points Table and how can we view the team’s positions and standings there right on the Points table? Many IPL T20 cricket league lovers search the IPL points Table during the entire series of Indian Premier League matches.

Here is the Updated IPL Points Table for the season 2023 League. Let’s get into it without further wasting your time.

Vivo IPL 2023 Points Table

Note: Last updated after match 0 and for other matches, it will be updated from time to time.

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Here is the Updated IPL 2023 Points Table

The IPL standings and results of all the teams will be updated after each match. After each match of the IPL 2023 points table will be updated frequently.

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IPL Points Table Glossary

M: The total number of matches played.
W: The total number of matches won.
L: The total number of matches lost.
T: The total number of matches tied.
N/R: The total number of matches abandoned.
PT: Number of points awarded.
NRR: Net Run Rate.

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After getting this necessary information about the IPL points table. Now you can easily check the latest points table 2023, team standings, results, games won, lost, net run rates, and more in one place.

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T20 Points Table  Format

IPL 2023 Season going to be more exciting. So, get ready for the next season of the Indian Premier League 2023. Which is going to start on 28th March 2023.

Still, want to learn more about the IPL points table calculation, Team standings, team positions winning points, and NRR? We are here to Inform you all about IPL points table format and team positions.

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below you can find more about the Indian Premier League Points Table, Complete Guide about the points table  Format, NRR System, IPL points table Criteria.

IPL Points Table System And Criteria

The Indian Premier League tournament is based on a double-round robin format. It means that each team will play all other teams twice in the group stage. After group stage 4 top teams will qualify for play-off fixtures of IPL 2023.

Get more details about the double-round robin Format. you will clearly understand this after seeing these diagrams of IPL 2023 points table format.

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IPL Points Table 2023 Winning Points System

In this 13th edition of IPL, the winning points system will be as same as in previous editions or as ICC declared the points system for International cricket. Two points will be awarded for a win, Null points, or zero points for a loss whereas, in a no-result match, there will be one point for each team.

In case of a tie, if two team reaches an equality situation. the match and winning points will be decided through a Super Over. If in case the super-over match remains tied, Both teams at the same position, then the team with the most boundaries in the super-over will win the match. And awarded two points.

Knock Out Stage Of IPL Points Table

Did you like the matches which get in super over? many times in IPL cricket history a match stops at the equal stage and the match is decided by super over. That was a thrilling moment. Indeed those are the best matches to watch.

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IPL 13 Points Table Standings Criteria

As a round-robin format, the top 4 teams will qualify for the IPL 2023 play-off. In case of an equality of winning points between two or more teams. First of all, the team with a higher number of wins will be ranked higher. In case of equal points, a team with a greater net run rate NRR will be ranked higher.

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other criteria for determining the IPL standings in case of equal points, Calculations depend upon net run rate (NRR), bowling strike rate, and head-to-head results of the two teams that will decide the better team.


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